Slow Speed for uploading Files through File Request

Hello mates, I am new to here and apologize first if my questions has been asked before. I have search for solution on the web for a while and still havnt found a clue yet.

My question is when I create a file request for one of my folder and sent the linked created in quickconnet to my colleagues to upload video files to me. The speed is way too slow, apprx ~500KB/s, though both of our download and upload speed are 1000Mbps running in ethernet cable. Because I am a videographer and sending files between my colleagues are a frequent doing, I hope I could get help from this. Have a good day and thanks!

Forgot to provide my spec, I using DS920+ running on DSM 7.2.1, my ISP is providing 1000Mbps ethernet speed. Having 4 10TB Ironwolf Pro disks in Raid 5.

Can’t say unequivocally for your link, but QuickConnect is throttled by Synology. Try DDNS and compare.

The first bottleneck is the upload speed of the person who uploads the files to you. You have to look at their Internet connection, not yours.

Second, as already mentioned, prevent using QuickConnect for uploading files if speed is of any concern.

thank you for your advice, do you know where is the bottleneck of uploading files via QuickConnect by other users? I am sure the upload speed is far more than 500KB/s because is it just me testing this method. However, I would love to know is there any other method for eg colleagues, clients to upload files to my designated share folders without having access to my whole Synology drive? (i.e. work like google drive which others upload files to me if I am not clear). Thank you very much.

The file request feature is great for uploading files to your NAS by others without giving them access to your entire NAS. That said, when you create an account for each user and create a shared folder for file exchange, you can achieve the same result without a file request.

Your other issue is your connection’s bandwidth. A direct connection like DDNS with port forwarding (which will work great with the file request feature) or a VPN connection will undoubtedly be more satisfying than your current QuickConnect connection.

Just understand that there are two issues, and these are separate issues.