SMB Connection Failed

Recently I have been unable to use SMB to connect my iMac to my Synology server. When I use the server IP address the iMac connects to the server, but using the SMB as defined in File Services\SMB it does not connect. The SMB is configured for Maximum SMB Protocol=SMB3, Minimum SMB Protocol=SMB2.

Two things occurred almost simultaneously: Synology Release a new SMB update, and I installed a new Mesh network. I don’t know how to determine which or both of the occurrences is causing the problem, or how to determine the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

Thanks for any advice.

Have you tried smb://DNSname/sharename rather than the IP address? Perhaps I misunderstood and that’s what you’re doing but it isn’t working.
I haven’t noticed any issues with my Macs and the new SMB package.

Thanks for the reply. I discovered that my 2 NAS’s are just another network drive - I don’t need to use SMB to connect the servers. I’m not sure how that happened, but it makes it significantly easier to connect the servers without having to use SMB all the time. Again thanks for the reply