SMB has suddenly become super slow over ethernet on Linux

Hi everyone,

I am a new user to these forums, for some context:

I have used my Synology NAS for over a year and generally had no issues with it, but recently for no apparent reason exploring, opening, copying, and saving files etc. has become incredibly slow in the Linux file explorer (“Nemo” on Linux Mint, “Files” on Ubuntu). It now can take over a minute to open a folder or open a file which is unworkable. It is still as fast as ever on Windows, and via WiFi on Linux it is a lot faster (but slower than an ethernet connection used to be). I am using SMB with SMB2 as min. and SMB3 as max. and from logs it seems SMB3 is always utilized.

This all started ~16 October.

I have reached out to Synology for support but haven’t gotten anywhere.

Has anyone else had a similar issue or have any idea on how to resolve this?


In case anyone comes across a similar issue simply power cycling my 5-in-1 router worked for me. i.e. turning it off for 5 mins and restarting. The NAS obtained a new IP address and was now fast on both Windows and Linux.