SMB3 DS220+ setup for 2GB speed

I loved hearing the news about getting more bandwidth with DSM 7.2. I just wanted to know what I needed in terms of setup.

I currently have a DS220+ connected to my 1GBe router and then from there into my PC. Will these configurations below give me full speed?

  1. DS220+ > X2 ethernet cable into 1GBe router > X 2 cacles into X2 1GBe PCI card on PC

  2. DS220+ > X2 ethernet cable into 2.5GBe switch > X 1 cable from switch to ×1 2.5GBe PCI card in PC

Will both these options work?

Synology prefers configuration no. 1

Below is a link about configuring smb multichannel in Windows:

smb multichannel worked seamlessly for me on a MacBook Pro with two usb c 1 Gb ethernet adapters connected to two 1 Gb ethernet ports on the Synology. smb multichannel was default enabled by the Mac. I got transfer speeds copying data to the NAS of up to 245 MB / sec, which is almost 2 full Gb / sec!

Thanks Pete for the information