Snapshot from SSD to HDD

Hey in your latest video you chatted about setting up snapshots from the NVMe drive to the hard drives.

What is a good link to read how to do that?

I was thinking about adding a single SSD and that SSD containing a single storage pool with a single volume. Installing system apps to that, Synology Photos app, dockers, etc.
And snapshotting that SSD volume to the HDD pool/volume every night.

The only guides I see talk about doing a snapshot on shared folders. Am I missing something? Is it possible to snapshot the entire volume instead so I get the dockers and Photos configs saved?


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So what you would do is setup a snapshot replication task for each shared folder that is stored on the SSD volume and have the replication job go to the HDD volume! I am planning on doing a full tutorial on this at some point, but its pretty straight forward to setup from the snapshot replication tab!

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That seems to be the route the synology KB points to also. For some reason I thought it might have been possible to snapshot everything on that volume for things like docker containers.

Yes you can only snapshot shared folders, but the way docker works, all of the config files required for docker to run are in a shared folder! This way it would be easy to recover if anything did go wrong. Especially once dsm 7.2 comes out