Snapshot replication frequency different than Ransomware Protection Video

I was following along on the Ransomware Protection video Will did but noticed a difference in my DSM 7.2 UI vs the video for the Snapshot Frequency dropdown.

I have a DS1621+ with DSM 7.2 Update 3 using BTRFS. When I go to Snapshot Replication → Snapshots → Schedule, my UI has 2 options:

  1. Daily
  2. More Options

When I click on More Options, I only have:

  1. 30 mins
  2. 15 mins
  3. 5 mins

In the video, Will’s machine doesn’t seem to have the “More Options” but has a ton more frequencies to choose from.

Has something changed? Was hoping to implement the 2 hour snapshot replication but can’t seem to figure out how to do that now.


I opened a Synology Support ticket. Turns out that the logic for the drop down is calculated for a 24 hour period. I had my snapshots to start at 23:00 hours and therefore there were no increments available for the remainder of the calendar day. Change the starting time to be 00:00, then all the snapshot frequencies showed up.

Thought I’d share in case others had the same issue.