[Snapshot Replication] No immutable snapshot option


I have DS220+ and DS1520+. I use Snapshot Replication on both and both have the latest DSM 7.2-64570 Update 1 and Snapshot Replication versions 7.4.4-1694.
DS1520+ takes immutable snapshots of some of its folders and does not replicate them anywhere. Everything is fine here.
I don’t have a snapshot schedule configured on DS220+. I have a directory replication schedule set here (let’s call it “X”) to the DS1520+. This schedule is also enabled to take snapshots of directory X invariant when replicating it.
And now:
If in DS1520+ in Snapshot Replication, for directory X replicated from DS220+, I list (replicated) its snapshots, I see them as immutable snapshots (with shield), which is ok.
But if on DS220+ in Snapshot Replication, for that X replicated directory, I will list its snapshots. then of course I see the same snapshots but as “normal” snapshots (without the shield).
Moreover, this list of snapshots doesn’t even have an “Immutable Snapshots” column. And if I wanted to enable a separate snapshot scheduler (without replication) for this directory X, I don’t have an option in the Schedule tab at all to indicate that these are to be immutable snapshots (this option is not visible at all).
Similarly, I don’t have this option in case I want to enable immutable snapshots for any other folder on this NAS.

Do you have this too and is this normal behavior?

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This is pretty strange as the DS220+ should have immutable snapshot option:

If you create a folder on the 220+ can you setup a immutable snapshot on that one?

NO. I don’t have such an option at all in the Snapshots → Settings → Schedule tab:

I only have the option of immutable snapshots in Replication → Edit → Schedule:

Can you add imutable snapshots on the destination settings? I think thats where those are

A snapshot schedule may be required before you can make a snapshot immutable. At least, that’s what the configuration guide suggests.

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@Will As I already wrote: in the replication target, the snapshots are visible as immutable snapshots. And that’s ok. The problem is on the source NAS (DS220+). In it, the same snapshots are visible as “regular” snapshots. It is also not possible to specify in the snapshot schedule that these snapshots are to be permanent, because there is no such option…

@sk8rs_dad Yes, I have a snapshot schedule set up. The problem is that in the “Schedule” tab there is no option to mark them as immutable snapshots…