Snapshot Retetion Settings

Hey All, i run a small business. just wanted to get peoples opinions on optimal snapshot retention settings . I would rather lean on the conservative side of thingsbut obviously not at the expense of performance!

Current settings are as follows:

  • Keep all snapshots for: 2 days (the reason for this is we run offices in remote timezones, so would be good to recover anything over a rough two day period)
  • Keep the latest snapshot of the hour: 72 hours (similar policy to above but just some more wiggle room)
  • Keep the latest snapshot of the day: 30 days (generaly our smaller projects, which have lots of small file edits run for 30 days or so.)
  • Keep the latest snapshot of the week: 12 weeks ( larger projhects roughly run for 12 weeks. but often have the inital 30 days of lots of work, and then minor changes until the last week)
  • Keep the latest snapshot of the month: 24 months (not sure if this is required. After 2 years generally the project is well and truly done, but you never know, client may come back for some reason)
  • Keep the latest snapshot of the year for: 10 years. (Same as above, after 24 months chances are no-one will look at it again. But you never know)

My question is, is this too agressive? Am i being too conservative here?

In the video, Will did mention some “recommended” setting.

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