Snapshots of hbk File?

As my Synology NAS experience is developing, thanks to this forum and Will’s YouTube videos, I purchased a second Synology NAS which is at a family member little over an hour away. This second NAS is used for the sole purpose of daily Hyperbackup. Set up several months ago and all is working perfectly. On the second NAS, should I be taking snapshots of the Hyper Backup Vault .hbk file? Or is the daily backups pretty much the “Snapshot”? Since Hyperbackup does not include Snapshots from the NAS being backed up, got me wondering….

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In my opinion, HyperBackup is great in all cases, but its drawback is that it’s slow to back up and slow to restore.

On my side, with 2 NAS, I ulilize HyperBackup to daily backup from NAS1 to NAS2 for everything that is applications and Homes, and in parallel daily Snapshot Replication Immutable from NAS1 to NAS 2 for all media data. So in case my 1st NAS is broken, stolen or ransomware, I would then have direct access to my data quickly on my 2nd NAS without having to wait for HyperBackup to restore all my data but just my applications.
And I make monthly USB backups on external HDDs.

Dive ShareSync between NAS1 and NAS2 could also be a solution, but it seems to me to be more sensitive to bad operations that could be occured on to the 2 NAS (accidental deletion, ransomware, etc.). You’d have to set up immediately immutable snapshots. This would be best if we had 3 NAS (2 NAS mirror in Drive SharingSync and 1 NAS for Backup Offsite + Snapshot).

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Thank you Sebastien for your insight. Being a home user, as you say, HyperBackup has been invaluable. It is interesting, before I purchased my DS1522+ my documents, photos and family videos were spread about various external hard drives strewn in different drawers and cabinets. I never once considered, or realized, how vulnerable they were to data loss. What got me motivated was not data loss, but the thought of how nice it would be to have all my content in one central place for ease of access. It wasn’t until I started researching solutions that I realized a NAS home network was the best choice. And when I stumbled upon Will’s YouTube channel which confirmed all I had read. In fact, after watching Will’s video recommending the DS1522+ I jumped over to B&H and ordered one. One constant theme I kept hearing and reading is “RAID is not backup” and the 3-2-1 backup strategy. The first thing I did is as you mention, I repurposed my external hard drives for backup with HyperBackup, kept one at the house and one offsite. A few months ago I decided to take one step further and, like you, purchase the second Synology NAS for offsite daily backup. It is funny how I went from not ever thinking about backing up data or the possibility of losing irreplaceable family pictures and videos to now being borderline obsessed with ensuring data backups and protection. Which ultimately led to this post. Very grateful for forums like this and Will’s YouTube channel.