SPACEREX is Rebranding!

As everyone may have seen this morning, SPACEREX is rebranding!

We have new logos, and even a new domain!

We will be keeping the forum site and youtube channel under spacerex, but we will be doing consulting under the new domain

It would be awesome if anyone sees any issues to let me know!


Congrats on the rebrand and office space move! New brand looks great, and hope the rest of 2024 brings all the good times. :smile:

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Thanks! I am really happy with it!

Congratulations on the growth of your business!

Your thumbnail icon may need a second look to support dark mode better. I’ve pasted it here but can’t see it so I’m not sure if the paste worked.

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Thanks! Will look into this! I am not sure if I can do based off of mode, or it may just work better having a border or something!

Congratulations to you both. May God bless your expansion in your business.

Really happy for your success - it’s well deserved. So many things happening at the same time - did you feel like you just needed one more challenge? :wink:

Nice website design, particularly like the comment banner at the bottom. There appears to be a sort of dot on the Y in your name (lighter color on upper left of the letter), not sure if that means something?

Color combination seems to blend well on the site. Excited to see what’s to come for you.

Congratulations to both of you!

Will, congratulations to both of you, I watched the video and loved your energy and enthusiasm around what is certainly the next evolution of growth and buildout of your business. I am glad you retained the SpaceRex branding over on the YouTube channel and I especially liked how the new SpaceRex logo honors the elements of the original. And too, thanks for keeping the outro music, I have watch so many of your videos, I’ve come to expect that mysterious ethereal tune each time…A branding of its own.

Congrats Will - your videos and training are the reason I’ve spent considerable money on additional Synology devices. The original Synology was gathering dust until you showed me what capabilities could be used in this platform.