"SSH port has not been changed from default value"

Hi all,

I got this message by Synology’s Security Advisor: “SSH port has not been changed from default value”. Should I deactivate SSH altogether or just change the port number? I’m only using services like QuickConnect, Plex, Photos, Tailscale, Synology Drive and Hyper Backup.

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If you are not using it you should deactivate it. It is also a good idea to change the port number to a number that won’t be used by any other of Synology DSM’s services. Many bots are programmed to look for open port 22. If you change it you will delay its discovery, but if you disable it then it’s not available to find.

Honestly thats a really dumb notice in DSM. I would disable SSH if you are not using it, but just dont open it up to the internet

What this will do more than anything is just decrease the number of logs you get from people guessing the username ‘pi’ and password ‘raspberry’ Rather than anything actually real