Static or dynamic IP address?

What is preferred for a Synology NAS, setting the IP up as a static one, or dynamic issued by the router?

All my primary devices (NAS, PCs, printers…) have reserved IPs set withing the router.

Thank you! I have an older NAS that I had with a static IP address but wasn’t sure if this was the best approach.

Another reason I learned when setting up my home Synology NAS, when I went to configure OpenVPN on my NAS, I needed to reserve the IP address of my NAS and desktop computer so I could port forward to the NAS and, once in, connect to my home computer through Remote Desktop when logging in outside my house. When remotely connected through VPN, you access resources by IP addresses on the home network and not hostnames. Having a fixed IP address is really is valuable. There are workarounds to this, but at the most basic and easiest way, set static IP address on your lan as NewLeaf recommends.

Thank you! I appreciate the info. I will be going to static route