Storage Pool Has Degraded

Came home last night and found my synology beeping with no drive 4 light. DSM shows drives 1-3 healthy, but drive 4 is missing.

Reboot, same issue.
HDD to external machine PC - recognized.

All drives are the same (ST8000VN004-2M2101) 8tb Ironwolf on a 1522+. Drive shows it was removed in logs at 9 PM, but I didn’t get home until 1 AM - so that’s physically impossible. Attempted repair now, but get prompted to install additional drive as it only sees 3.

I also tried plugging drive 4 into drive 5 slot, and drive was not seen.

This is my first NAS, so this is fairly new to me, thanks in advance

Did you just recently get the NAS and drives? This sounds like that 4th drive has just completely died. I would RMA it and just rebuild the volume!

Good Luck!

Thanks for the response Will. I ordered a new drive and still same issue, not seeing it on bay 4 or 5, same “insufficient drive” error. Is my NAS unit faulty?

Thats really odd.

What I would do is:

  • shut down the unit
  • remove your working drives
  • install the new drive that you just ordered into Bay 1, boot up, see if the NAS can see it
  • repeat for all the bays

This will tell you quickly if its the drives or the NAS

Well after trying that, bay 4 light doesn’t come on nor does it sound like the drive is powering up. Is there a firmware flash or something to try or do I just RMA the NAS?

I appreciate your help!

Its just DOA in that case. I would just RMA it

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