Supporting Spacerex, the one who supports us all =)

Hi all! It’s important to remember that Spacerex really is a one of a kind person on this earth.

We are all here to truly benefit from his knowledge, wisdom and advice. Without him many of us wouldn’t not have been able to literally setup the Synologies we all purchased =)

He doesn’t mention this a lot because he’s a humble human being, but he has a PayPal Tip Jar in his YouTube account, and I think that we should all give a little to the one that gives us ALOT.

So enjoy the forum, enjoy Spacerex, and here is his PayPal Tip Jar Link!

Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 10.05.31 AM


Hi Richie,

yeah that’s right!
I already did support him two month ago! :grinning: :+1:

I had a strange issue with my Synology and one of his videos gave me a hint, where to have a look at.
I was so happy, that I finally found a solution for my problem, that I donated $20 at that time.

Best regards,

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Literally he has helped me with a lot so its only right =)

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Hey thank yall a ton!

I do really want to let people know that while it’s awesome when people support me you really don’t have to! I have just been having a blast with this!

Coming down the line I have thought about having a custom group or something for people who do support. But really have not figured that out yet!

Thanks to everyone who has made this possible!


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With how useful your videos are for training, donating a bit is the LEAST people can do.

$10 a month, yall. You’ll never notice it… but HE will :slight_smile:

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