Synchronization the applePhotos library

how can I synchronize applePhotos with my Synology NAS?


  • 2 x macBook PRO M2max
  • 1 x macStudio M2max
  • 1 x Synology DS923+


  • all software is up to date

Whenever I synchronize the computers with the SynologyDriveClient the librarys gets destroyed on each device.

What can I do to keep the libraries and images up to date on all computers? That was never a problem with the apple iCloud, but I will change to my private Cloud on the Synology for security reasons.

Synology Photos are great but there is no option to edit the images, that’s why I still need applePhotos.

Thanks and regards,

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Hi Max,
I once did the synchro with Synology Drive, it worked well when only use as a sync to the NAS from one Mac, I also had problem when 2 Mac were synching, somethinme it was working, but still unstable and unreliable. Then I upgrade one Mac and the Apple Photo were not compapible, so I can not have a shared Apple Photo anymore when you have multi Mac not running the same version.

So here is how I am working:

  • Each member of the family get his photo sync with the Synology Photo App in his own account.
  • Everyone could easily create Synology Album and share photo without edition.
  • When we come back from a trip (with too many photos) and I want to edit some of them and make a top selection out of a large amount of photos, I export all of the trip photos to a directory and import them in Apple Photo.
  • Do the editing and selecting the best photo (Apple Photo works very well to rapidly tag your prefered photo).
  • Export the Top selection to a directory in the Shared Space of Synology Photo for easy sharing and viewing.
  • Rename the Photos Library.photoslibrary to dateMyTrip.photolibrary and backup this file to the NAS.

I know it duplicate the photos but at least your work selecting the best photo and editing them will not be lost in case do don’t work on a Mac anymore or Apple ditch Apple Photo or you don’t want Synology photo anymore. I prefer to save the editing and selection work to actual photo instead of relying on the tool. I learn it the hard way when Google stop supporting Picasa.

Now, here is the hard part. How to put “Photos Library.photoslibrary” on the NAS and working from the NAS without corrupting the database ?

There are many discussion on the web about it and i found no official and always working solution.

Here is what I do:

  • Create a share on the NAS e.g : AppleDrive
  • Create a .dmg file on that directory with Disk Utility e.g. PhotoLibrary.dmg
  • Copy the “Photos Library.photoslibrary” in that .dmg file (seen as a directory when you open it)

For now I am able to open, modify, save and re-open from another Mac (same OS version) the “Photos Library.photoslibrary”.

What I don’t understand:
Once you open the PhotoLibrary.dmg, even if you close and eject it, it will eventually reapear on your desktop. Even if you eject the share drive AppleDrive, both will be re-mount after some random time. Why is this happening ?

I will post this as a question on a new topic.


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Hi Ben,
Thank you very much for this great help!

It’s good to know that I’m not alone with this problem.

Has Capture One the same problem with the syncronisation?
I’ve wanted to use the program for some time, but now, after purchasing the NAS, smooth synchronization without data loss is my first priority.

Thanks and regards,

I don’t know about Capture One, I guess you could download the trial and test it.

But the procedure I describe allows two Mac with same OS to open the “Photos Library.photoslibrary” not simultaneously. I guess that even if synchronization with Drive worked you should not access the .photoslibrary from two computer at the same time.

The drawback of using .photoslibrary on the NAS is that it is slower when you don’t have a fast network. But still usable on 1GbE when it is not your day to day task.


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