Synology and Hyperbackup File Name Issues (Fat32 and Exfat)

Hi all!

Is there a way I can “Pre-screen” and rename my problematic files names on the NAS to ensure my Hyperbackups don’t continue failing due to file naming issues with exFat/FAT32 Formatted external drives?

I am trying to ensure that if for whatever reason my NAS goes down I can simply connect the external hard drive receiving the backup to the Mac directly and keep it moving as the NAS rebuilds to have access to my data. I know that I can simply connect to the hard drive while it’s connected to the NAS, but I am trying to build a contingency so if the NAS is completely unavailable.

If I format the drives to EX4 via the Synology, I believe I can avoid what I’m doing now, which is literally looking at the logs, changing the file name, and then praying that it doesn’t fail. Rinse and repeat.

I believe I can see EXT4 drives on the Mac if I install additional software, but really there’s gotta be a way I can address the files names, as searching in the finder or searching using File Station does not bring up the files.

Any thoughts friends?

So what you might actually do to get around all of this is to use Hyperbackup (multi versioning) as it will create it in the .hbk format which does not have any issues with file names. What you would then do is format the drive to ExFAT so that your Mac can read the drive format, then finally install the Hyperbackup explorer on your Mac. (link to Knowledge Base)

This has the downside of being read only to your Mac, but I do think there is a ton of value in having a pretty bullet proof backup.

I can’t really comment on the EXT4 on MacOS as I have never used it. I always am a bit worried about installing unofficial file systems, as they are so easy to get wrong. But MacOS is based on Unix so porting EXT4 to it should be pretty easy compared to windows.

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Dude your a master I totally forgot about that option!

Question, although it’s read only, can I then just download what I need and just edit on the Mac until the NAS is back up to sync the changes?

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Yes you can! Pretty much it just lets you grab the files as required and put them some where else. The other advantage of this is it lets you restore your NAS from a single shot!

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