Synology and iOS Files App

You may want to setup your iPhone, iPad or any iOS device to natively connect to your NAS’s shared folders through the “Files” app without using Synology apps.

Currently the only way I’ve been able to set this up is to download the “Synology Drive” app, set it up, ensure shared folders are setup in Synology Drive Server app, and boom, now you can browse via the files app interface:

If anyone has set it up differently please share!

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Nice tip (to use the Syno Drive app), but I do not need it to browse shared folders on the NAS from my iOS devices. From the Files app, I connect to the server as you mentioned, and boom, I browse the shared folders.

That said, I sometimes better disconnect and reconnect the server for smooth operation.

Every time I’ve tried setting it up it never connects.

How are you setting it up through “Connect to Server”? I’d rather it be native then to use the drive app.

And have you connected to the NAS in network and outside the network using that?


I use a combination of both DS File and the native iOS Files App.

In the Files app, I connect to my server using the name “smb://[servername]” and it works great. You need to make sure you can resolve the server name though. This is native however it only works when on the local network.

DS File on the other hand I can use remotely either by exposing 443 or via VPN. Since DSFile is HTTPS based and not SMB, the remote access is much quicker.

In the Files app, I connect to a server with either smb://[servername] or smb://[ipaddress] while on the local network.
External access via OpenVPN with OpenVPN server on the NAS, I connect with smb://[ipaddress].

DS file also works fine at local network and via OpenVPN with ipaddress:port# and HTTPS.