Synology App "Homebridge" connects non-home kit devices to HomeKit!

Good afternoon all!

I stumbled upon an app that connects your non-home kit devices to HomeKit. Now I don’t need to remember if a home device was connected via HomeKit or Google Home!

This is the app and the Synology Install Instructions:

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I’m personally looking forward to testing out some matter over thread bulbs when nanoleaf releases theres next month. I think that’ll be the way forward for apple devices, or so I’m reading.

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^ HomeBridge is absolutely awesome!

Back when I live in Huntsville Alabama the previous owner to my house had built out a smart home (ever single light-switch was ‘smart’ but had 4x standards they used) but it was all google based. I was able to port everything over to my homekit setup!

It also has an awesome plugin for UniFi protect cameras!

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