Synology as Dropbox/iCloud Sync Replacement for Files

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I am trying to us my NAS to collaborate with someone who does not have a NAS and is not a user on the NAS. The goal, similar to dropbox or iCloud Drive, is that we can add/edit files to this folder together without having to upload via a web interface. Is there a way they can see the folder on their Mac so that they don’t have to upload their edits via the web interface? I’m unsure if Synology Drive has this feature. Thanks all!


Synology drive has this exact feature and they just came out with an on demand sync version. I will say the on demand sync can be hit or miss for some setups. If you do a full sync (files live on the hard drive) it’s pretty bullet proof

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Got it, maybe I missed the KB article. I’ve shared folders in Synology Drive but the other person always has to download the files from the web interface instead of having a folder appear on their Mac.

Is there a KB for that setup that I haven’t seen?

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It’s the synology drive desktop client. Not sure if they have a KB on it. Got a demo here going over it (on demand sync)

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That’s insane it’s for my exact use case since I do video editing and need to share with my editors! Watching now!

AAHHHHHH, That’s the part I was missing! I have to make them users on the Synology. I thought there was a way to avoid that step. I’m going to try this out now. Thanks Spacerex! Where is the donate button!? =)

One thing: Final Cut Pro will not work with the on demand sync :confused:

You literally just crushed my spirits haha!

However they can always use the XML to recompile, as I was wanting to share a media folder with folders that they can pin as they are assigned edits. And then when they are done they can “Remove Download”. :star_struck:

Haha happy to help! Got a PayPal on the YT page. Need to set this site up better lol

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Just found it, and lunch is on me haha =)

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Got it thanks man!

using synology drive, if i share link, the invitee would connect via quick connect right?

i mean, then they would know my quickconnect ID right