Synology Black Friday Deals and review

Building up a working list for all of the black friday deals from Synology’s. This list will be updated as black friday goes on with more deals! This will go over what Synology NAS to buy on sale and likely some NAS hard drives from both Segate and WD (I tend to prefer the segate Ironwolfs over WD Reds).

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Synology NAS on Sale for Black Friday


The DS923+ is Synology’s highest end 4 bay unit. Overall while this is an awesome unit, I do think there is value for a lot of people in upgrading to the DS1522+, often this is for $100, which gets you an extra bay and an extra 4 gigs of ram. The extra bay really gets you significantly more flexibility as if you are running RAID5 you can increase your space by 33%! Though for people who will not need more than 60TB and dont really plan on running docker / VM’s the DS923+ will completely suffice.

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NAS Hard drives

Both the Segate Ironwolfs AND the WD Red hard drives are pretty well on sale!

WD Red 22TB

Normally I am not a huge fan of western digital, but these WD red hard drives are CMR and Synology has removed the WDDA test that caused more issues, so as of right now these hard drives are safe to buy, and for $335 for 22TB HDD

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Segate Ironwolf

So whenever I am buying a new hard drive I always look between Ironwolf’s and Exos and just buy whichever one is cheaper! Right now various Ironwolf hard drives are on sale, some of them do not even register as on ‘black friday’ sales, even though they are!

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Networking Gear

10GbE switch

10GbE networking is the biggest upgrade most people can make to their Synology NAS as it can allow you to read and write from the NAS at 1GB/s. 10GbE switches have been expensive for a while, but this TREDnet 5 port 10GbE switch is really hard to beat!

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This will continue to be updated! Please leave any other things you find down in the comments and I will keep this updated!