Synology C2 Storage and Slow Hyper backup Transfers

So the 24/7 Synology chat has been nothing more than “I can create a ticket” and then its DAYS of back and forth with little to no resolution.

No one has been able to identify why my fiber connection (900 Up and Down) can never register on my Synology C2 backup as the C2 transfer speeds live in the Kilobytes. I want to stay in the Synology Eco-System but no one has been able to solve this.

Should I really look to back blaze for my off-site cloud backup?

So from my experience I have been able to hit like 90MB/s (720 mbit) with my C2 backup

What will happen is hyper backup can take a while to scan a massive volume. How many files do you have and how full is your volume? Have you left it running for a few hours to see if it speeds up?

On average it’s about 20 GB every 24 hours. The Folder is 3TB. It would take 150 days to backup.

The total Nas is 5x18TB and 25% is full so 75% is available

I was only getting similar speeds during my trial period which I found to be a bit slow considering i have gigabit fiber. The pricing and added features for Synology were good, but didn’t mean much to me if it took weeks to do backups. After experimenting with some other providers I switched and was able to get 400-600 mbps uploads. From what I found, the results seems to be sporadic as for as C2 performance.

Received a confirmation from Synology that the issue is custumer throttling due to their 1 data center in Seattle, and that they are working on expanding the data centers in the future.

I love that they were honest. I got a Dropbox account and overnight 1.3 TBs synced over with 2 more TBs to go, I LOVE FIBER.

Dropbox also has an unlimited tier for 90.00 a month which is crazy, but my needs aren’t there yet.

Taking a 20TB hard drive offsite every month is a lot cheaper, but cmon we living in the future give every human should have 20TB in the cloud for free at birth haha :).

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Good to know! I had not seen that throttling before. Was this during the free trial? It seems odd that they would throttle during the free trial as it’s going to give people a bad taste in their mouth

They stated that this was more due to other cloud providers having various data centers in various locations to allow faster transfer speeds, and that because they only have 1 in Seattle, many share this issue. They actually recommended that I try out C2 when it matures in the future, and this is why I started investigating the other cloud providers. In less that 2 days I’ve already synced 2TB to Dropbox’s cloud.

Where are you located geographically? Normally its pretty far for that kind of slow down (like international), esp if you had fiber!

I’m in Florida and my backup speeds were measured in Kbps most of the time. It was during the trial period, but as you said, it should make a better impression. I wound up going with Wasabi, but open to try C2 again for the integration if it improves.

Same, was on the trial version, from the East Coast (Northeast (New England)). Go Patriots :slight_smile:

Cross country should be wayyyy faster then that! Synology may be making excuses for throttling people right now.

I am in Huntsville AL and in the past I got 60 MB/s here! Wonder if they were just having an outage

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I own a RS2818RP+ and have tried hyper backup to the following locations: c2, backblaze, AWS. All surffered from the EXTREMELY slow backup issue you’re describing. I have tried with and without client side encryption, I have tried with and without data transfer encryption… all the same result.

I currently have around 40TB of data (large files and many, many small files) backed up… it took about half a year to get everything synced. No network issues, I have dedicated fiber 500 up/down.

Cloud sync, a NON backup solution, works just fine (I only mention that to dispell any possible theories of it being a network issue).

Not sure what the download speeds look like with hyper backup or if we’ll run into the same problem.

TLDR; this is not due to Synology’s servers being slow, this is due to a core problem with hyper backup. I’ve tried a few options to fix this and I just decided Synology really needs to dedicate some time working on this.

Cloud sync definitely is faster, due to the fact that you can do multithreaded uploads. The biggest issue with cloudsync is it’s dumb. It does not know when you have renamed a file, instead if you rename a folder, it will delete everything from the old folder name, and reupload it!

I will say that hyperbackup can come pretty close to saturating a 1GbE connection. What I have found is that it takes a lower latency connection.

The other thing is after you do the first backup, because it takes a clean snapshot and does a diff only backup, every subsequent backup is very fast compared to something like rsync.

I’ve never been able to get more than 3MB - 5MB with hyper backup.

Maybe it’s because I’m uploading millions of small files instead of a single big one? Maybe the RS2818RP+ processor can’t keep up?

Even my subquequent nightly backups are slow, only ever seeing 3 - 5MB (same as the initial backup speed).

I’ve spoken to Synology about this. Last rep said Hyper Backup is not good for a business setting when you’re dealing with TBs of data.

Hi all!

Update on my end. I paid for a dropbox account (3TB Plan), Since in the Cloud I only need about 3TB off-site. The first 2.5 TB uploaded in days using CloudSync on my fiber connection, however, the final 500GB is taking FOREVER! Dropbox has an unlimited option for 99 a month, but im not there quite yet.

Really im thinking of just going the last mile and purchasing a 3rd Synology device and just using that as my offsite “cloud” backup. I’m just so deep in the eco-system I can’t look anywhere else.

does your ISP have a monthly throttle limit?

I would attempt to upload something completely unrelated from that same network, see if you get full speed or not. I’m not sure why cloudsync would slow down…

is this for business or personal?

Ah that must be it. Each file in the .HBK directory has to be uploaded individually, and its not multi threaded. So because of that, and having a high latency connection, your backup can take a really long time.

Are you on BTRFS or EXT4?

Home User, but definitely business minded haha! I’ll call Verizon and see if this is the case.

it’s using btrfs

let’s hope Synology improves this, maybe adds multi threaded support. I was really hoping to see some movement on updating Hyper Backup with the new version coming out. This is high on my “wants” list.

I decided to try Synology C2 again today and my results are the same as last year and I feel like I must be overlooking a setting somewhere. My 19G upload takes about 5-7 minutes when using HB to Wasabi and I get about 50-60 MB/s. With C2 I’m averaging about 800KB and it’s taking several hours to do the same backup.

What am I missing?