Synology customer support

Is anyone else find their sinology customer support troublesome?

First of all, and no disrespect to offshore people, I find them, unable to adequately, serve as a troubleshooter step. I already know how to plug the unit in, lol.

I prefer to have my questions answered by somebody in the United States. Even then, a lot of my issues end up getting raised to Taiwan.

I don’t find the customer support that fast on getting back to you

Also, their message system is terrible, they need a more simplistic way of messaging back-and-forth. Let’s start with the ability to email back without having to login to the tech-support.

A very cumbersome way of dealing with your customers

Yeah, that tends to be what I have heard from people who have had to use customer support with Synology. I will say if you have an issue with some of their more business tools they tend to be better, but regular support can be really bad.

I’ve only needed their customer support once about 4 years ago, thank goodness. I found them to be helpful but slow to respond. Fortunately, with this forum, Synology Community, sometimes Reddit and a lot of persistence, hopefully you can avoid them altogether.

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