Synology Drive and OneDrive

Can a Synology Drive Client coexist with a OneDrive client?

I would not have both One Drive and Synology Drive client ‘managing’ the same folder on Windows. If you were to do Synology Drive as “one way upload” then it probably would be fine.

But if you are looking to have the data in the same place I would setup Cloud Sync on your Synology and then use Synology Drive on top of that. That would be the safest option!

Previously I was able to use Cloud Station Client (DSM6 - DS211j) coexits with OneDrive client. Two-way sync works perfectly.

However, after adding a new NAS with DSM7, I am not able to use Synology Drive client (two-way sync) to manage the same folder on Window. Later I set it to one way upload which seems to work, but not really. The Logs (on the Synology Drive client) shows a long list of list not sync with the following error “Upload - Unsynced due to invalid file name or attributes according to Synology Drive Client”. I have checked, these files are not on the exception list.

  1. Why Cloud Station allow coexist & 2-way sync but not Synology Drive?
  2. Why so many files cannot be uploaded? Why Cloud Station does not have this problem (both are referring to the same folder? Is this expected?

Thanks in advance.