Synology Drive app for iPhone, photo backup/sync

Hello everyone! Love this forum. I have read the information on the Synology website, but I am still unsure how to set up what I want. Using the app I have already backed up all the photos on my iPhone to my NAS. Going forward from this point, here is what I want:

I want all new photos backed up to my NAS. I want to be able to free up space on my iPhone by deleting photos that I don’t want on my phone. I don’t want those files deleted from my NAS and I don’t want the deleted photos copied back to my iPhone from my NAS.

Is that possible?

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Hello, you can create a backup task via synology Photo. Then you have all the photos always with you, but in your phone photo app (after a short check of the full backup) you can delete the pictures and videos to make local storage space on your device available again.

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Hey @Huntster7 !

So both Synology Drive and Synology Photo apps for the phone both do a one way backup. This is exactly what you are looking for, a deleted file on the phone will not be deleted on the server, nor redownloaded to your phone

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Okay, thank you for the speedy replies. I appreciate it Philipp and Will.
I only have the Synology Drive app on my iPhone.

  1. I deleted a photo from the NAS, …/home/photos/MobileBackup/iPhone/2023/07
  2. I opened Synology Drive app on my iPhone and it didn’t delete the photo from my iPhone nor did it put the photo back on my NAS
  3. I deleted a photo from my iPhone
  4. I opened Synology Drive app on my iPhone and it didn’t delete it from the NAS nor did it put it back on my iPhone

The backup function on the iPhone Synology Drive app seems to keeping things separate. It appears to only make sure any new photos I take are copied to my NAS and that’s it. In essence, a one-direction backup. Is my assumption correct?

Also, if I have the Synology Drive app installed on my iPhone and I can see my NAS photos, why would I need the Synology Photos app? I don’t understand the benefit of the Synology Photos app if I have the Synology Drive app.

Thanks again.


Yes it is a one way backup!

So the benefit to Synology photos vs Synology Drive really just comes down to a pretty interface. If you are really just focused on backing up the files, drive will do that completely fine. Synology photos is all about letting you see the pictures on the NAS in a pretty format, but is more limited about where files can be stored


Philip and Will, has anything recently changed with what you told me about one-direction backup? I saw a post about something may have been changed in Synology Photo for Mobile? That’s not the same as Synology Drive for iPhone, right?
Thanks in advance,