Synology Drive + Dropbox

Hi, I recently set up at DS1821+ for my video production work.

I have plans to scale up to a 10gbe workflow in the future but for now I’m mostly using the NAS as storage/backup space. I want to use Synology Drive to sync all my active jobs folders across my machines as a stop gap until I do upgrade to 10gbe and work directly off the nas.

Prior to getting the NAS I was using Dropbox in a similar fashion to sync my machine. It worked ok but obviously a lot slower than keeping everything local.

What’s the best methodology for having Synology Drive and Dropbox overlapping each other?

Or more appropriately, one containing the other? I want them both hosting the same folder structure (my active jobs folders) I want Synology drive to be syncing everything locally and Dropbox synching back to the cloud (still useful to have stuff on Dropbox + it’s another point of backup)

Im imagining having Dropbox sitting inside of Synology drive. But perhaps I’m thinking of this incorrectly?

Perhaps I should have it separated but set up with some sort of mirroring so that they are running in parallel instead of nested inside of each other? Conscious that there might be performance implications if I set it up with all these syncing layers?

Any tips/guides/advice on how this sort of workflow works best?


I have Synology Drive Client & iDrive Client running concurrently, and most areas are overlapping… I have no issues…