Synology Drive - iPad - Backup

First, thank you for the videos and info on setting up both Unifi and Synology. They have been extremely helpful!

I have an iPad with PDFs and epub books I’d like to backup to my NAS (1522+). I’m using the Drive mobile app and it appears there isn’t a straightforward way of backing up like there is for a MacBook. Is my understanding correct?

If it won’t automatically backup, is there a “preferred” method for backing up non photos.

Thank you!

I actually do not know a great way of doing this either! Would love to know if someone else has a system for this as it does come up fairly often

I backup my ipad to my macbook that has copies of all my ebooks on there being timemachined to the synology.

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What do you store the PDFs in? Just in Files on local storage?

Do you use iCloud?

I have iCloud backup enabled and it backs up my iPad along with all the random files I keep stored locally. I know it works because every year or two when I upgrade, I restore from iCloud Backup, and all the files are there just like on the previous iPad.

When I was learning and testing Synology Drive about 7 months back, the one thing that really annoyed me about it is that if you go to save or share, it’s not an option like Files or Dropbox are. I gave that feedback to the Synology Engineers I know when we had our next conference call and it was being put into the development timeline. Same with a native Surv Station app for tvOS. I’ll ask them if there are any updates on those two items.

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Hi James,

I store the PDFs in the iPad’s Files system. It seems like I download manuals, books, etc to my iPad and just dump them into the File structure. I do use iCloud.

I could also change my process and start downloading directly to NAS.

I’ll clean up my iCloud (another discipline problem) and start backing them up there for now.


Well, you could cleanup your iCloud and ensuring iCloud Backups are enabled to run automatically every evening (that’s what I do), or you can change to storing on Synology Drive. It’s a change in workflow/behaviour, so the choice is yours.

Good luck and let us know what you decide and how it goes!