Synology Drive not working after moving Homes share to new volume

Hello. My Synology Drive is not working after I moved the ‘homes’ share to a new volume.

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. I first stopped the Synology Drive Server and Synology Phots apps from the Package Center.
  2. I went to Control Center > Shared Folder, and clicked on ‘homes’ share, then edit, then change location from Volume 1 to Volume 2.
  3. I restarted Synology Drive Server
  4. Synology Drive client on my computers says Status Abnormal, and its not syncing. If I log in to Synology Drive via the web interface, it’s empty; there are no files at all. However, in File Station I can see my home folder with all my files in it.
  5. I stopped Synology Drive server again and moved the location of the homes share back to Volume 1.
  6. The problem is still there, sames a 4 above.

Can someone please help?

Hello, you need to go in synology drive admin center and enable home at team-folders, then you should see your files. (Web)
When you moved a folder (or encrypt it) you need to delete the synchronisation task on the device and add it again.

Best regards