Synology Drive On Demand Sync for MacOS - what are your issues

What are the issues you are running into with Synology on demand sync for MacOS?

Trying to build up a list.

It’s been strange, for some of my clients it works completely flawlessly. Then sometimes there are really weird issues that are completely different.

What I have seen:

  • Drive just disappearing from the side bar
  • Duplicate fantom file / folders showing up with the same name just -2 -3 -4
  • Final Cut Pro libraries don’t work [this is by design from MacOS]
  • Files will not open

What else have people seen?

Hi Spacerex, Hi all!

Something I learned the hard way. If you’re using iCloud Drive and want to sync that information to your Synology AND keep it in iCloud Drive, the files must be downloaded to the computer for it to work.

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@SynologyRichie I did not even think about that!

So if you setup regular sync (not on demand) does it not download to the NAS unless you manually download them first?

Correct. I learned this via trial and error and the reason why the files were not syncing to the NAS was due to their iCloud status, aka it’s in iCloud but not on your hard drive.

Once I downloaded the file from iCloud, The Nas saw it and synced it.

That is really good info, I had assumed that Synology Drive would request the files be downloaded! actually pretty surprised by that

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Hi Will: This a great new feature! Two issues we have is that after setting up an on-demand sync task, we get an error when asked to download a folder (capture one session in our case). Sometimes it works, but mostly no. So I deleted the task and then re-established it, and we were able to download the session folder, but now as my assistant works on the files, they are not syncing back to his synology, so we’ll have to manually copy them over.

A nice to have would be a way to navigate to the downloaded folders inside of Adobe Bridge. Currently the only way to see what’s in the download folders is to drag the folder from the Finder Sidebar folder onto the Bridge icon. It works, but it’s not ideal.

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Replying to my own message here… A follow up. Now ON-Demand seems to be working, but in one case some new files we added did not sync, but showed an icon with a cloud and line through it. When I clicked on those, then the did sync. Who knows…