Synology Drive on demand sync on Mac fail (cloud with exclamation mark)

Hi everybody!
I hope I can find help here. I was really looking forward to the on demand sync on MacOS, but as of right now I have a problem with some files.
I’m a composer and work with Cubase (DAW) and a project file in my workflow is around 500MB. When I hit save while the software is open I get the icon in finder as if it’s uploading but soon it turns into a cloud with an exclamation mark. The only way I found to upload the changes is to close the software, move the file out of Synology Drive folder and back in. Still it sometimes messes up and create “ghost” files locally (on the web app it is usually all fine).

I hope I’ve explained the problem properly, but I’ll be happy to give further detail to get help.
My main goal here is to move away from iCloud still maintaining my local copy on the computer and a constant backup in my nas.

Thanks in advance!

So this is something that happens with the new on demand sync with MacOS unfortunately. A couple of things:

^So was this process working with iCloud? If so thats surprising because on Demand Sync directly uses the iCloud protocol from apple.

When you say these “ghost” files, are they something like ‘Filename_1’ ‘Filename_2’ ‘Filename_3’, but then they do not show up within the web UI? If so I have seen this before with a client.

One thing you may want to try is setup one of the syncs with regular on drive sync (not on demand) and see if you get the same issues. This will have all of the files stored on your computer, but may at least give you the workflow you are looking for. You then could archive stuff to where it only lives on the NAS

Hi Will and thank you for your feedback! It has always worked with iCloud Drive, I was also surprised having learnt from your YouTube video that they use the same engine. About the ghost files I mean files that are created as you mentioned and then impossibile to delete from the local share (they don’t exist in Drive on the browser nor in dsm) and if I try deleting them there reappear after a few seconds. Only fix I found for this is to disconnect the share and remount it, but it means it does over the whole indexing again.

I will try what you suggested although it is not exactly the workflow I desire, but would be accettable to use the direct folder sync.

Thanks again for all you do :pray:t2:

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Good to know man! I had seen this with a client, but had not seen anything else online about it. Its good to know that other people are also having this issue!

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