Synology Drive Phantom Syncing 80,000 files

Hi Everyone: I have been using Drive for over a year with minimal issues. This week I am seeing from the menu bar pull-down, that Drive is Syncing over 80,000 files, but nothing is happening, and all my folders in the sync task are green. I have restarted my Mac and the Synology, but it persists. Is there a way to diagnose this?

So I have seen this randomly in the past, and its normally syncing permissions from what I have seen. So if you update permissions on a folder / add a new user it will have to send over permission changes.

Does it look like its making any progress?

Are other files syncing?

Thanks Will! Other files are syncing just fine when I add new shoots, it just never gets to that satisfying “Up to Date” green state. Currently now over 100k syncing. I don’t think file permissions has anything to do with since I haven’t changed anything in that regard. Is there a way to see what it has in the que?

So if other files are still syncing over ok and the number is increasing, I would be its doing something with the metadata.

I don’t think anywhere in DSM shows the files that have been synced on the head unit. On the replicated unit I think it will tell you what is in work, but I don’t quite remember!

OK this is crazy… I ran my Clean My Mac utility (for another reason…) and now it’s all fixed and showing me that lovely Green check mark. Yay!

Ohhhhh I thought this was the sync between your two Synology’s

That is really interesting.

An update on this… I am a photographer and I use Capture One. A thing you can do in C1 is to “Pack as EIP”, this means you can embed your settings into the raw files and then move them with settings to another session or share them out to other people that use Capture One. I use this sometimes to consolidate projects shot over multiple days. It seems that when I use this function, that Drive then shows perhaps 100K files still syncing even thought they already synced (sank?). The only way to clear it us to run Clean My Mac utility and restart the MAC. This has happened 3 times, so I think I now know where it is coming from. Easy to work around, I don’t think Synology will try to address this, but who knows…

So when you run this pack does it make any change to the raw files? If you just leave the sync running does it ever finish?