Synology Drive question

What’s the difference. I don’t keep any data on my Mac Studio except what is necessary for good operation. I access my Data Folder on my Synology from my Mac SMB. And use DS file and Photos Mobile apps on my iPhone and iPad Pro when mobile.

I just setup Synology Drive and copied over my Data in iCloud. Synology operates as iCloud keeping files that are open from there on the Mac unless I click the remove download.
My question is after thinking it through what’s the advantage or use of Synology drive. I could simply access the data I have in the Synology drive folder on my Synology nas as I do with the other data folder through SMB or the Mobile apps.

I don’t think your question was stated plainly enough. What’s the difference between Synology and icloud? What’s the advantage of Synology drive vs SMB (with a VPN?)