Synology Drive Sync - multi user - shared Laptop

Hello all,

What would be your recommendation or best practice for the following:

Employees in company does have multiple project folders as TeamFolders on Synology.

  • Project A (50GB)
  • Project B (50GB)
  • Project x (50GB)

For some “temporary” external co-workers they have shared MacOS based laptops.

  • User 1
  • User 2
  • User 3

The goal is to use Synology Drive for sync the project folders between Synology NAS and the MacBook.

  1. Option 1 “On Demand Sync”
    seems to be a flexible option, but the files will be locally copied to user library folder.
    So in case three user are sharing one MacBook, the files would exists 3 times on the client.
    No issue for small projects, but in case of multiple users and bigger projects …

  2. Option 2 “shared local directory”
    without On Demand Sync they could define local path in Synology Drive client.
    e.g. /User/Shared/ProjectA …
    every local user would have access to these local shared directories with the advantage these files will exists once at the client, what saves local storage
    (Not sure how save these option would be, want to avoid that Drive client is getting confused by multiple users)

Having a quick test - both options are possible.
Does anybody has long term experience with such a scenario?

after reading the message I wasn’t sure where the problem was. From what you presented here I don’t see any issues.