Synology Drive syncing and connecting problem

Hi guys,

Andrea, from Italy. :grinning:
I have some problems with my Synology Drive Client setup. Sometimes it works pretty well, but usually I have syncing and connecting problem. It seems that some files create some issues with the syncing system. I’m attaching some screenshots to you.

Some maybe useful infos:

  • MacOS Ventura 13.5
  • I use Synology drive client to sync two specific folders (one is a team folder).
  • I have my Obsidian vault on my Synology Drive
  • My Diskstation is a DS214+
  • DSM version is 7.1.1-32962 Update 5 (the latest possible for my NAS).

[EDIT]: I just updated Synology Client App (it’s awful that you have to check manually if there is an update), but the problem is still here.

Thank you very much, If you have some suggestions I will appreciate.

If I try to modify my connections it show that there are some connection problems.
I checked it and the NAS is easily reachable via IP address and via QuickConnect address…