Synology Drive with 2-way sync not synching new photos folders

I setup a 2-way sync in Synology Drive Client on my mac for My Drive (/users/andrefortier/SynologyDrive). Within that folder, I have checked on the Photos sub-folder and when I set this up, the photos folders synched properly on my NAS and I can see the photos folders in Synology Photos.

I added several new photos sub-folders within the Photos folder, however, the new photos folders that I added through my mac Finder in the Synology Drive/Photos folder do not sync at all on the NAS.

Any suggestion on how to correct this? Should I be adding the new folders through DSM file station instead of adding the folders through my mac Finder in SynologyDrive/photos?

The 2-way sync is working fine for all my other regular files (Word, Excel etc…). It is only an issue with the photos sub-folders.