Synology DS1522+ vs Synology DS1621+

What you will chose if you want to buy a good NAS for a photographer ?

So for the most part its going to come down to two things:

  1. price
  2. how much total storage you think you will need

For photographers, there is minimal performance difference between the two units. The biggest factor is how much data you will want to fill it with. I would start by just filling it with 3x drives, being able to expand out as you need more space.

More likely than not you will want to go with the 1522+ for the price savings unless you need over ~70 TB of space

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Less than 70TB
no i have a DS918 with 4 x8 TB WD and i both this in 2019. now i want buy a new Synology with 16TB HDD and also i want to create a 10G network around the NAS

Should i buy the ironwolf pro or the Toshiba N300 ?

Hi @cipri,

*First post: hi ya’ll!"

I use the 1621+ for photo editing. In general I am really happy with the device, but
there are some caveats. How do you want to use the Syno?

My setup:
10gbe NIC to Mac.
8 gb ram (thinking about upgrading)
1 tb ssd read only cache (still not sure it is worth it)
I use cap1 to edit directly from the nas: Cap1 is not really fast on the nas.
I can edit 4k with FCPx without any problems.
Perhaps, in hindsight, I’d edit from internal SSD and sync it via 1gbe connection to Nas. But
I did not test yet for workability.

In short Negatives:
Cap 1 direct editing: not so smooth
SSD read only cache: think I wouldn’t bother
10gbe raw file copying to syno via Mac finder → not so great!

In short positives:
1621+ amazing box
FCPx: good!
Lightroom (Catalog on internal SSD files on 1621+) is way better than Cap1.


Thanks for feedback.
i just order Synology DS1621+ and 2 ironwolf pro 16TB for start and im going to build in SHR not in RAID 5 like i have on my DS918+

and later ill have to upgrate the ram and the switch so i can enjoy the 10G :slight_smile:

I think you made a decent choice!
I’d love to read how your editing experience is going to be. My concern would
be that editing from a nas will be bottlenecked by your 1gbe connection.
But perhaps I’m wrong!

How are you going to setup your workflow?

About the ram and 10gbe: I think in hindsight I’d opt for RAM first in stead of the cache memory.
So good choice!

Well until i will have my 10g ready i will archive on my nas server all the raw, and i will edit on a external ssd. i refollow Will videos Synology for Photographers, i want to start clean and make sure i`m doing evrything right now :)) on my old DS918 its a mess now and i hope i can make a clean Library .

its there any tutorials for sharing galleries for clients where the cliends dont see the synology branding ? :slight_smile: