Synology has revised the HDD compatibility list

Hello, I just noticed that Synology has revised the HDD compatibility list. I find it a shame that even in entry level devices, HDD that were initially verified are now removed. I’m not sure about getting the same HDD for expansions (previously verified) or going exclusively for Synology HDD. It’s about one last previously unused tray on the DS 923+. I guess I will have to go with Synology HDD for the future. What do you guys think about this?

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That sucks!

What I have been doing for a long time now is ignoring the compatibility list for any consumer level models (8 bays or less, and not XS/XS+). They only flash you a small warning at the beginning and after that work completely fine.

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I have overlooked a selection option…

The biggest problem with the Synology HDDs are not even that you’ll end up paying double (which is already a bad choice), but that they are frequently out-of-stock.

Murphy’s law holds true for bad drives and failed RAIDs. There’s no replacement for being able to get a HDD next-day shipped.

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