Synology Hyper Backup: Move a folder to a new location?

Hello everyone,

For months I was thinking about Sync Cloud or Hyper Backup. I know the differences and I know that Sync Cloud is not a real backup solution and the ability to encrypt even the file names pushed me towards Hyper Backup. Now here is the thing: Let’s say I have a folder called “Data” (which is synced with all subdirs - this is basically the master / root folder and it is located here: C:\Data. There is also a subdir: C:\Data\Private\Images. I uploaded everything to a B2 Cloud and after some weeks I noticed that I have to move the folder “Images” to a different location: C:\Data\Textures\Images

What happens now? What is Hyper Backup doing with the folder “Images” under the “Private” folder? It keeps this folder forever I guess and is using a lot of space and I can not delete it from the Cloud, right? At least that is what I hear all the time. I really do not get it - HA. That is one advantage of Cloud Sync, it simply makes a 1:1 thingy and If I move a folder to a different location it simply is doing the same.

It would be so cool to finally get an answer for that specific question. Thank you for your help and have a great day everyone.