Synology Multi-Use: File Storage, Video Editing, & Surveillance

I’m having trouble getting a good recommendation and information on the best NAS setup for multi-purpose use, particularly when you introduce surveillance. Do I need separate NAS systems?

Below is some relevant information:

  • I have never owned a NAS
  • 2 TB of GoPro footage (light user. Just take videos on annual ski trip. I want to stop paying for GoPro annual cloud storage)
  • I want to add 2 home security cameras (I’m a little too late on this one. My car was stolen from in front of my house)
  • Laptop backup (1TB of total laptop storage)
  • Phone photos/videos (1TB total)

What would I need for a solid starter setup that accounts for the above use cases and storage with the ability to expand, if needed?

  1. Model? 423+? 923+?
  2. Would I need a separate NAS for surveillance?
  3. What type of hard drives would be best?
  4. How much storage given my estimates? 2 8TB? 2 16TB drives?