Synology NAS as Email archive with sync to devices?

Hi, I still haven’t found a proper guide or solution for my scenario and wondered if @Will could maybe make a video about it (if it’s possible that is) :

I would like that Synology picks up / receiving all my webmail (gmail ect) and my devices would then be able to access them. Instead of setting up my own email server I would want to send emails only from the devices.

Is that somehow possible?

Thank you

Synology Mail has a POP mail fetch option. I use that with Fastmail to backup all my emails. The limitations of the POP protocol and Gmail’s implementation means you’ll lose all your labels from Gmail if they’re your provider.

You’ll need to install the Synology Mail server and client apps snd setup a user account - you don’t need to setup any external mail capabilities. Then open the email client app and under settings there’s the POP setup.

I’m on my iPhone, and not in front of a computer but tomorrow I can provide some more specific guidance if needed.

  • Josh

To clarify - do you want to send emails from the Synology Mail app also?

Josh, thank you so much for answering and trying to help much appreciated :pray:

I wouldn’t necessarily need to send from synology. I thought I would set up k9 mail on android and thunderbird on laptop to sync with synology mail on my NAS and send from those devices. It’s that possible?



Hey @CapitalJD, had you have a chance to look into it?