Synology NAS Thrashing Hard Drives

I’ve got a DS720+ with two Seagate IronWolf Plus (or is it Pro) 4 TB hard drives setup as one storage pool with SHR which has a single volume with Btrfs file system. The volume is showing 1.8 TB used and 1.7 TB free so slightly more than 50% filled.

It seems to be accessing the drives with a 100% load and I’m having difficulty figuring out the cause. I am determining this using Resource Monitor → Performance → Disk and setting Type to Utilization and customizing the view to show each disk separately and in addition to the total. It is not quite pegged at 100% but fluctuates a bit into the 90s. This seemed to start yesterday but today it’s so bad it took an employee 40 minutes to sign on to a computer using an AD account served by Synology Directory Server on this NAS. This is completely unacceptable, particularly at this time of year for a CPA firm.

I have tried checking the Task Manager to look at the read/write numbers for each service. Active Insight seems to be showing read numbers of between 2 and 3 MB and write numbers or anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 the read numbers.

The only thing out-of-the-ordinary that has happened is that on Sunday (Mar 24) the scheduled semi-annual data scrubbing started. Storage Manager indicates that this task ended at 4:48 am yesterday so I’m thinking it’s not a factor in this issue.

Am I looking in the right spots to figure out what is going on? Should I be deactivating Active Insight to see if this is the problem?

It appears that Active Insight was the problem. Uninstalled it and my utilization is presently sitting at 0%. Looks like there are some changes to Active Insight. I’ll have to check into it. Or does anyone know the short of it?

I’m with you. I uninstalled Active Insight and gained responsiveness. I don’t need Synology telemetry.