Synology NAS to Synology NAS ABB question

I have 2 Synology NAS on a network, 3 total. My Synology01 is the primary NAS that I use for storage, virtualization, etc. The Synology02 is really only used to backup PCs and the Synology01 via ABB. My Synology02 is filling up with space and I would like to move all my PC backups to Synology01. Is there a way to do an ABB complete backup to Synology02 but minus any backups from the PCs?



If available you could use Snapshot replication to copy the whole ABB target folder to Synology01. Once both devices are synced you can delete the SSR. Subsequently on each machine, in ABB you can delete the machines that you are not interested to store on this machine. This should purge the ABB folder.

Keep in mind that you need to modify the ABB client on the PCs so that they have Synology01 as the new target.