Synology Note Station makeover vibe


Living in the IT/Development industry, taking notes and creating your personal wiki/documentation portal is one of the primary tools one should need.

Synology note station has been around for the past decade but the app needs urgently a new decade makeover.

Use case

I have been using Synology Note Station for the past 2 years to dump receipts, thanks to its notebooks/tagging/OCR capabilities, which makes finding a receipt very easy. Notes can be also found from the universal search which makes it even easier assuming that all your documents are stored in your Synology. The app, however, is very outdated to use for something like a wiki/personal documentation portal and suffers from a lot of bugs in macOS and iOS versions. It would be great if we had an app where we could capture our knowledge base, keeping it stored locally given how valuable it is. Or maybe a new separate app. Some cloud wiki apps, like Notion, Confluence, Craft etc. do not support creating a routine to get a local backup, leaving our valuable knowledge base exposed to the cloud.


It would be great if @Will could create a video demonstrating the app, which could hopefully create some vibe and thus a necessity for Synology to upgrade the app to the new decade. I have raised this to Synology and they said they are working on it, but it’s been 2 years and we still have the same last decade Evernote look-alike with tons of bugs and localisation issues.

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