Synology Photo Replacement for Zenfolio?

I’m a photographer and will be receiving my new Synology NAS 1522+ tomorrow.

I’m intrigued by the Synology Photos product and would like to use it as a replacement for my Zenfolio portfolio.

My primary use of Zenfolio is to allow family members to access a family photo archive behind a password protected login. Once they login, they can see multiple folders for each family event. They can then view or download any image they want from any of the folders.

Can I replicate that setup using Synology Photos?
(I’d love to get rid of the Zenfolio account / expense)

Thx… Mike

Long story short, yes, you can recreate the family member’s setup from Zenfolio in Synology Photos.
There are two ways to accomplish that, but maybe it makes more sense to wait until you have set up your NAS.

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That’s really good to hear. Zenfolio’s service has degraded in the last year or so and I really need a better solution for the family photos. I use other services for my photography business.

And you’re right, after I have a chance to ‘play around’ a bit with the app, I’ll better understand answers to my questions - and what questions to ask. Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m anxious to get the NAS up and running.

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