Synology Photo sharing with custom port in the link

When creating a shared link from Synology Photo, the custom port number is not included in the link.
In Login Portal, I have define the port and the Domain, See pictured attached.

The shared link look like this

I can’t find the setting to get the link with the custom port, to make the link usable, the port has to be added manually. Like below.

If I recall, in the past, it was working but a few upgrades later, I can’t figure how to get the port in the link.

Thanks for your help.

I found the solution.
If you put your domain name in the Customized domain field, the system use the default port 80/443.
If you put nothing is this field, then the link you get is
But I am not sure where does it gets the domain name from.


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It’s not a solution, it’s a trick for your problem.

I really need to keep tje customdomain and i need the custom port too :confused:

Synology have any solution ? like Synology Drive share link managment ?