Synology Photos and second shared space


I have 3 users (group A) with Photos - private and shared space.

I need to add 2 users (group B) with own private Photos and own “group B” shared space.
Users from group B cannot see shared space of group A and vice versa (except admin of course).

How can I achieve that?

Yes, you can accomplish that in Shared Space. Maybe it helps if I explain a little bit about Shared Space.

In contrast to Personal Space, where each user has its space, separated from other users and inside its Home folder, does Shared Space have a different approach.
There is one Shared Space and access is controlled by an admin where each for folder. One folder is only accessible to group A and another folder by group B.
There are different levels of access, called role permissions. You control this from the web interface of Synology Photos, Settings, Shared Space tab.


This support is really something that I wish was better. If you set the top level permissions for people to not be ‘full control’ then they loose the nice timeline view

I agree. The different role permissions link to different features in a way that few permissions result in missing relevant features like timeline view, search and more.