Synology photos backup does not sync ALL photos from iphone

Hello, I have set up my NAS for me and another person (on the same network) to use. Yay.

My problem is when I use Syn Photos to backup my iphone photos. Out of the 750 photos in my phone library, only 200 are synced to Syn Photos. Weird. I’ve synced, backed up, snapshot-ed, deleted, uninstalled, re-synced and on and on …. trying to get Syn photos to sync all 750 photos. But I am stumped, it only syncs 200 pics.

But the baffling thing is, when the other person who uses the NAS synced THEIR iphone photos to Syn photos - it worked a dream! All 1540 photos synced no problem. (So the number of photos isn’t an issue.). All in lovely date order and facial recognition worked (not perfectly but) well.

Any help to try and solve would be great.
Thank you.
Newbie out.

are you leaving the app open and in the foreground to finish the transfer?

If you want I can set up an account for you on my NAS, and you can sync

See what happens.

So when you do the backup do you get logs for any of the files that have not synced?

You should also see if you can manually upload the photos that were not synced

i have had this happen to my Wife’s Iphone once too. In our case the backup was chocking on one of the images and wouldn’t get past it. It just kept failing. I ended up locating the images and deleting on the phone. It was likely a corrupted file.

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Thank you, Thank you, much appreciated. I’ve done a workaround rather than solving the dilemma.
To get around it, I selected the photos that wouldn’t sync from Apple photos, then shared them to Syn Photos. Not sure if it is the most efficient way but I got the un-sync-able photos into a Syn Photos album (although not in the Mobilebackup folder), and Syn Photos recognised date-taken and did facial recognition with the photos so not a bad outcome. I think I have it working - now, when I take a photo with my phone, it syncs seamlessly to Syn Photos.
My big task is to find/decide on a workflow with the aim of not using Apple photos but still using my iphone to take photos. (Ummm Will, if anyone can do a great job of this topic, I have complete faith in your ability :clap: ).
Just a last remark on the unsyncing problem; when I initiated an iphone backup from Syn Photos and enabled the sleep time backup, the sleep time backup counted down from 750 but only 200 actually synced. Yeah … weird.
Thank you again :v: (I hope that means V for victory)

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I hope I am replying to the topic about my Syn photos not all syncing - because I have figured out why it happened.

There is a long story and a short story.

First the long story … but I have to set the scene:

  1. Connect iphone to mac either wirelessly or wired
  2. In Finder click on your iphone in the side bar
  3. Go to Photos on the right-hand side
  4. Select an Apple photo album to sync to your iphone
  5. Click Sync
  6. After syncing, the photos in the Apple album are now on your iphone’s camera roll. These are the photos that will/should sync with Syn Photos.…. but for me, they are the ones that didn’t sync.

Which leads me to the short story.
I now assume that Syn photos will sync photos that are taken by the iphone camera.
The photos that wouldn’t sync for me were historical and had been in my photo library for decades - so not taken by my iphone camera.

But this poses another question: what happens if you take a photo with your phone, then import it to Apple photos, then delete it from your phone, THEN sync it back to your phone from Apple photos via the Finder sync as above. Does Syn photos back up this re-synced photo? Because the photo was taken by the phone’s camera but is only in the camera roll because you synced from Apple photos.
No idea, and not sure if that is a real life scenario anyway. :person_shrugging:

But I feel I have it sorted out enough to move on.
Hope it helps someone.