Synology Photos can't see changes to photos in Synology Drive

I’m trying to develop a new DAM (digital asset management) system using Capture One (C1), Synology Drive and Synology Photos. It doesn’t use C1 catalog. Instead I have a file system with a large number of C1 Sessions. I wrote an Apple Script that cycles through C1 Sessions to export JPEGs from the Session’s Selects folder directly into the Photos folder of Synology Drive - exactly where they go if I had uploaded them from Synology Photos. Synology Photos sees the subfolders that the script creates in the Photos folder, but not the photos. Evidently, I have to upload everything using Synology Photos directly.

Why can’t Synology Photos automatically see the images stored under Photos?

I have a large number of C1 sessions and photos, and I’d like to automate the export from C1 to Synology Photos. I’d also like to redo the post processing of the C1 Selects and then run my script to update Synology Photos. Is there some way to tell Synology Photos to automatically upload everything in the Photos folder?

Can we script with Synology Photos?

Let’s briefly forget Capture One and Synology Drive and focus on Synology Photos (SP). SP can operate in two modes: Personal and Shared Space. Which one do you use?
Personal Space uses /home/Photos folder (capital P and plural), while Shared Space uses the /photo shared folder (lowercase and singular).

I use both Personal and Shared, but right now, Personal. I am writing files directly into the local storage:

… Library/CloudStorage/SynologyDrive-QuickConned/Photos/…

I put the JPEGs in the proper folder in Photos. SP sees the folder, but not the JPEGs. Then I upload them into SP, which promptly duplicates the JPEGs in the Photos subfolder. It doesn’t just recognize the new images. I guess this is just how SP works.

Oh well - I guess I just have to use a different local output folder for C1 and then manually upload them into SP. I spent 3 days learning Apple Script and getting the call back set up. I was so proud of myself. :slight_smile:

Still, it would be nice if I could script with SP. I don’t know how that would work because it is a browser app. But it is new, and we are expecting great things!

Now I understand your original text, which sounded a bit confusing at first. Don’t go there. It is not for the user to write there.
Is your Synology home folder, which includes the Photos folder, synchronized by Synology Drive to your computer? If so, make Capture One export to that folder of a subfolder, if that makes sense.

Yes, I’m convinced now it was not a good idea. I tried an experiment - it didn’t work - but I learned a lot of good stuff.

Yes, my home folder is synced via Synology Drive.

I really like SP and SD. There are a number of features they need to add, like a folder structure for Albums, and reading and searching EXIF data. I realize that getting scripting with SP is a tall order. But, maybe I could write a script that reads EXIF data (keywords, rating, etc.) and then enters it into SP as the appropriate tags.

Thanks for your help!

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