Synology photos error: The file cannot be displayed due to a conversion failure

I downloaded photos to Synology Photos, and some aren’t even showing up.

  • I downloaded Advanced Media Extensions
  • Re-index the files from the Control Panel
  • Re-index files from the settings page in Synology Photos

Nothing works. Shall I just sync all my photos again to Synology?

If the files are still not showing up after doing a reindex (from Synology Photos) then the photos themselves may have an issue.

When you say they are not showing up, are they showing up as blank squares in the photos app, or are they just not there?

What is the file format of the images that are not showing up?

If you download the images that are not showing up manually through file station will they open on your computer?

I restarted it all from scratch and it worked. thanks!

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Amazing. Good old restart.

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