Synology Photos Everything Disappeared!?

Good evening,

I have uploaded all my old iPhone photos to Synology Photos mobile app and they have been available to me to view for a couple of months. Earlier today I was able to view photos in my phone app but later today when I went back in it said “error” and that the content does not exist. It reverted me back to the home folders page and every single one of my folders is gone! I do have it backed up but I am frustrated and confused how on earth this happened?

I understand your frustration and confusion, but something happened without you knowing it.
Maybe you could consider enabling the recycle bin for the homes shared folder in Control Panel.
It’s good that you do have a backup. This is one of the reasons we need backups.

Did the files disappear out of your home folder? I have not seen this before, I am hoping that its just a glitch on the photos app

Love to know what happened and if you were able to get an answer to what happened to your photos?