Synology Photos Shared vs Personal

Hello! Just followed the Synology Photos guide and it was really good and thorough! I had a couple questions after backing up my family’s library and uploading photos I had a couple questions that popped up.

  1. If I create an album of just personal photos. Will that only show up in my personal space unless I share it using the link/email members?

  2. What’s the difference between albums and folders in the shared space?
    After messing with it seems like creating albums are for the purpose of sharing just that album without affecting your personal/shared spaces. (it kinda becomes its own thing)

  3. If I create a folder in the shared space. Should I put it into the “PhotoLibrary” folder and sort it properly in or do I leave it outside of the “photolibrary” folder? (if I leave it out, are people not able to view it in timeline view?”


  1. If you create an album in your Personal Space, it will only appear in that space unless you share it.

  2. Folders are entities you can see with File Station inside the /photo shared folder of Shared Space. An album is a virtual collection and can contain images from different folders. Albums are not visible in File Station but only in the Synology Photos application.

  3. I suggest that if you manually create a folder in Shared Space, you’d best do this in the /photo shared folder outside the “photolibrary” folder. All images in or under the /photo shared folder are visible in the timeline view. I am not sure what creates the “photolibrary” folder, I have to look that up, but I think it has to do with synchronisation from mobile devices.